Personal Reflections

“The Memorial is stunning, moving & rightful. Thank you.”

“My family got to meet some of my friends from back then. It is odd, if the Lord granted me a do over, I wouldn’t know what to do because some of those I value most in life, I met because of those horrific circumstances.”

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to make peace between myself and the past. I finally put some issues to bed, and Lord willing the rest of the issues will take care of themselves.”

“My one year in Nam and 18 months at Valley Forge [as a nurse] were at times difficult, but have such great friends because of the experience. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

“The Memorial is beautiful. It is a work of love.”

“When I left the Dedication Ceremony, I had such peace knowing that so many people care about us. Now our stories will live on for all to see.”

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Dedication Ceremony Photos

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Distinguished Guests

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Program Run of Show

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President Obama
Dennis Joyner
Gary Sinise
Arthur Wilson
Hon. Robert McDonald
Lois Pope
Hon. Sally Jewell