Design and Construction

AVDLM Design and Construction

Adding to the beauty of our nation’s capital, The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial became one of our country’s treasured landmarks, bringing together visitors of all ages and backgrounds — a permanent reminder of America’s gratitude for those who have sacrificed in body, mind and spirit to maintain liberty and freedom.

Through the juxtaposition of granite and glass, the Memorial conveys an interplay of strength and vulnerability, loss and renewal. The focal point is a star-shaped pool, its surface broken only by a ceremonial flame — water flows over the fountain’s perimeter into a large triangular pool that reflects the ever-changing sky, time of day and cycle of the seasons. Three walls of laminated glass with text and images and four bronze sculptures tell the universal story of the disabled veteran’s pride of service, trauma, challenge of healing and discovery of purpose.

At this sacred spot, all of us — sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, wives, husbands and friends — will learn the important lessons of courage, sacrifice, tenacity, loyalty and honor by bearing witness to the experiences of our heroes who are disabled.

Commanding an impressive 2.4-acre site between Washington Avenue SW, C Street SW, and Second Street SW, the Memorial is within full view of the U.S. Capitol, adjacent to the National Mall, and across from Independence Avenue and the United States Botanic Garden.