Claude R. Engle

Lighting Consultant

The firm of Claude R. Engle, Lighting Consultant, was established in 1968 by Mr. Claude R. Engle III to apply his training in electrical engineering and experience in theatrical and television lighting to the discipline of architecture.

Committed to the design of lighting as an integral part of architectural design, the firm’s services begin with consultation on the conceptual implications of light to the project. The services include the development and detailed specification of lighting systems, lighting fixtures and lighting controls, coordination of the lighting with the architectural details, and the detailed follow-through required to achieve the lighting concepts in the finished projects.

The firm has provided these services for leading architects in the United States, Europe, the Far East and Australia on a wide range of projects including museums, art galleries, concert halls, high-rise office towers, theatres, hotels, underground and surface rapid transit systems, urban development, urban highways, airports and public plazas, as well as selected homes and apartments.

The firm is chartered in the State of Maryland and is a member of the American Consulting Engineer’s Council.