Michael Vergason Landscape Architects

Design and Landscaping

Michael Vergason Landscape ArchitectsMichael Vergason Landscape Architects (MVLA) is founded on the belief that landscape architecture is a poetic, humanizing discipline responding to the fundamental human need for connection to the surrounding world. MVLA designs lasting places through creative and rigorous study of the site and its context.

The firm carefully considers the past yet articulates a distinctly contemporary vision. Form and function merge through a seamless integration of the built and natural environments, taking cues from natural and social processes. MVLA seeks ways to integrate human uses and creative interventions with the distinctive qualities of the land: its form, materiality, and vegetation.

MVLA has received numerous awards for its work throughout the United States and internationally, which includes design projects that range from master planning to private homes. Clients include the National Cathedral, American Cemetery in Normandy and the Monticello Visitor Center.